June 6, 2016

American newspapers lose 60% of their jobs


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has issued data for media employment trends over the 26-year period from 1990 onwards. In other words, from the dawn of the internet age until now.

The stand-out figure is the one showing the steep decline in newspaper jobs, down from nearly 458,000 in 1990 to about 183,000 in March 2016, a fall of almost 60%.

Over the same period, employment in internet publishing and online broadcasting rose from about 30,000 to nearly 198,000.

Other traditional publishing industries, such as books and magazines, have also shed jobs, but only gradually and far less dramatically that in newspapers.

According to the bureau, another US media industry affected by the digital age is radio broadcasting, where employment has declined by a relatively modest 27% since 1990.

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Anonymous said...

Not a surprise after losing 90 percent of their readers.