May 16, 2016

TSA causing thousands to miss flights

CBS Chicago 

Travelers flying out of Chicago just can’t catch a break. With increasingly long lines to get through security at the city’s airports, many travelers have been missing their flights, and some ended up sleeping at O’Hare International Airport on Sunday.

Officials at O’Hare put out cots for those who missed their flights Sunday night due to the long lines at TSA security checkpoints.

The TSA has been urging passengers to get to the airport at least two hours early for domestic flights, and three hours early for international flights. However, some passengers have said that is not enough time to get through security and still make their flight.

American Airlines said some 4,000 passengers have missed flights at O’Hare since February because of the long wait times

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Anonymous said...

This was caused by budget cuts to the TSA. The idea was that citizens - trying to avoid huge lines - will flock to the "pre-check" program where for $85 to get them a pass which would enable them to avoid the long lines.

This is just another way to tax people without making it look like a tax. At the same time governments gets a copy of your fingerprint. State wins on both counts; citizens lose.

This is not being reported in the mainstream media. Instead, the media is reporting "pre-check" as a logical alternative to "long lines."