May 12, 2016

Trump more popular than hemorrhoids but not traffic jams

Mother Jones - Donald Trump may have all but secured the Republican nomination for president, but that doesn't necessarily translate into strong, even basic, popularity with the American electorate. That's according to new findings released by Public Policy Polling, which compared the real estate magnate's relative popularity with that of inanimate objects, bugs, medical conditions, dental procedures, and people whom we as a nation reliably despise. The list includes lice, root canals, and Nickelback—the Canadian rock band that has only survived because of the engagement of those who share a collective hate for them.  What did Trump beat in terms of popularity? Cockroaches and hemorrhoids. But he still lagged behind used-car salesmen, traffic jams, and hipsters.

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Anonymous said...

It's quite dismaying to see you constantly beating up on Trump through the articles you post, instead of going after the real criminal-Hillary. While there are a lot of things I don't like about Trump, he does not represent Wall Street and the establishment, like Hillary and Bill do. To have them back in the Whitehouse would be a disaster, and mean the end of the US as a first world country.