April 1, 2016


Via Matthew Gunning


Louis Massano said...

Really, now! I live in Jersey City, New Jersey - probably the most multi-ethnic city in the United States - with large Muslim, Indian (Hindu Indian), Pakistani, Sikh and Catholics - not to mention Latinos, African-American and about five or six other ethnic groupings as part of this city's quarter-million population - and here as well as elsewhere in the New York City region this photo and its caption would be considered downright silly.

Not far from Jersey City's main commuter rail station is a C-Town Supermarket on Bergen Square (the location of the original Dutch settlement in New Jersey, a 17th century settlement the Dutch called "Bergen"). The owner there, a Muslim named Salim, and many of this employees - including women who are Muslim and wear burkas - have no problem selling or handling pork prices. Fresh and preserved pork items in the same variety as in any other supermarket around here are available in at very good prices - quality as good as the fanciest upper east side Manhattan supermarkets.

And as far as condoms are concerned, the Duane Reade drugstore (a chain owned by Walgreens) at that Journal Square commuter rail station sells condoms (so does the C-Town, but they're in locked displays because they're easy to shoplift in a supermarket). The Duane Reade condoms are sold out in the open, in regular displays and this Duane Reade has mostly cashiers from Latino backgrounds, and therefore, Catholic - and I've bought these and other contraceptive items there - and the presumably Catholic cashiers don't even blink checking them out at the registers. And it would certainly show up as in disapproving article in any of the local papers if any Catholic clergyman ever announced that a Catholic couldn't touch - or check out as a cashier - any contraceptive item.

AgustinG said...

Well, that's the point, that it's silly. As silly, say, as a county clerk refusing to issue you a marriage license because of her religion.