April 24, 2016

Sanders on supporting Clinton

Washington Post - Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders said that his level of support for Hillary Clinton as the party’s nominee would be “totally dependent” on whether she incorporates a progressive agenda like his into her campaign against the Republican nominee.

The senator from Vermont said he would do all he can to prevent a “right-wing Republican” from becoming president, but he laid out some conditions when asked during an appearance on ABC News’s “This Week” whether he would make an “enthusiastic case” for Clinton.

“That is totally dependent on what the Clinton platform is and how she responds to the needs of millions of Americans who are sick and tired of establishment politics and establishment economics,” Sanders told host George Stephanopoulos. “If Secretary Clinton is the nominee, she is going to have to make the case to the American people, not just to my supporters, but all Americans, that she is prepared to stand up to the billionaire class, she is prepared to fight for health care for all Americans, that she is prepared to pass paid family and medical leave, make sure that college is affordable for the young people in this country.”

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Geoffrey Levens said...

Sad to say but no matter what she says I won't believe her!