April 15, 2016

DC Madam update

Longtime investigative journalist and author Dan Moldea wrote on his FB page: 

Some of my colleagues in journalism are criticizing me, because I’ve advised attorney Blair Sibley to destroy the DC Madam’s phone list, aka Pandora’s Box. . . . My response? Among other still-untold dilemmas, there is a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter from the New York Times on the actual named list, who was not a hypocrite and doesn’t deserve exposure. On the other hand, there is another reporter from Fox News, whose home phone number appears on a separate list and who deserves further scrutiny because of his shameless hypocrisy. . . . Unless the hypocrites on the lists can somehow be segregated from the non-hypocrites—especially those who are non-public figures—I continue to appeal to Blair Sibley to destroy the phone records and not violate the federal restraining order. Once again, releasing them would not be in the public interest.

Best response to Moldea's post.... from Bill Fargo: "I can't believe you threw Maureen Dowd under the bus like that."

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