April 5, 2016

Commerce Secretary supports TPP's invasion of American sovreignty

Shadowproof - Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker told a meeting before the Council on Foreign Relations that a controversial provision within the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which surrenders US sovereignty in favor of corporate interests, was a good deal because a US company has prevailed every time the process has been used. The process, known as investor-state dispute settlement, allows corporations to sue governments outside of normal legal channels and have the dispute settled in a corporate-friendly tribunal.

Pritkzer blamed the presidential campaigns – of both parties – as contributing to the unpopularity of TPP, by “not telling an accurate story,”and “blaming trade” for larger problems. Secretary Pritzker recommended business owners explain the value of TPP to their employees, who could then in-turn lobby members of Congress. Presumably, this would compliment lobbying efforts already underway by said business owners.

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