March 29, 2016

Scientists ignoring fate of ugly animals

Daily Mail, UK - Despite the vital role they play in many ecosystems, animals deemed to be 'ugly' are being ignored and overlooked by the scientific community.

A study has found uglier animals attract less attention and less funding when it comes to conservation efforts and research.

This could mean the ugliest animal populations, including the blobfish, Dugong and fangtooth fish could be under threat. The blobfish was named the world's ugliest animal in 2013. The Japanese Macaque has been listed as a threatened species with the southern subspecies of Japanese Macaque actually listed as endangered. Both have been subjected to loss of their natural habitats and population numbers have dropped throughout the country

Non-charismatic species such as fruit bats and tree rats may be the most in need of scientific and management research effort, the researchers say.

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