March 3, 2016

Puritan liberals strike again

Propelled by an academia that believes what you write or say is more important than what you do, civil rights is being increasingly defined by semiotics and physical symbols such as signs rather than by substance. A case in point:
Hit & Run - A University of Kansas assistant professor, [Andrea] Quenette is on leave while the administration completes its review of her allegedly inappropriate behavior. 

Quenette made the unfortunate mistake of trying to speak candidly about race after her students prompted her to address the recent protests on campus. She conceded that as a white person, she had trouble putting herself in the shoes of activists.

"As a white woman I just never have seen the racism… It’s not like I see ‘Nigger’ spray-painted on walls," she said, according to a student-initiated petition to get her fired.

Instead of seeking a dialogue with Quenette, her students undertook a campaign to run her off campus.

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