March 31, 2016

Morning Line

Based on the average of recent polls:

Sanders and Clinton are statistically tied in Wisconsin as are Trump and Cruz.
Trump and Clinton lead easily in New York

Nationally, Sanders would beat Trump by 21 points while Clinton would lead by 16, their best leads yet

Nationally, Sanders would beat Cruz by 6, 4 points better than Clinton. Their best leads are 6 for Sanders and 6 for Clinton

Nationally, Trump leads Cruz by 14. 8 is the closest they've been to date

Clinton leads Sanders by 10 points nationally. 6 is the closest they've been to date.

In electoral votes, Democrats have 158 firm or leaning towards the party, the GOP has 73.

In Senate races, Democrats stand to pick up 1 seat and could pick up 4 more, enough for the GOP to lose its majority

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