February 19, 2016

News Notes

The rich are living longer

Thanks to Trump 45% of latinos see GOP as hostile, up from 18% in 2012

Clinton and Sanders refuse to choose between Apple and FBI

One thing to do if Donald Trump wins . . . .   But what if Canadian Ted Cruz shows up? 


Anonymous said...

The Apple case is a lot of hot air and distraction.
LA Times and other sources report that the phone in question was a work, apparently owned by the County Health Department and issued to employees with the understanding that said phones are searchable---where's the real issue, then? The Fourth Amendment guarantees against unreasonable searches. Are the FBI requests in this one situation unreasonable?

Anonymous said...

LA Times follow-up article:
Salient point from above linked article:
"With Farook dead and his employer, which owns the iPhone, consenting to the search, the requested software would not invade anyone’s privacy and wouldn’t undermine encryption, prosecutors contend."