February 11, 2016

If Cruz's wife is correct, God is a rightwing anti-Christian nut like her husband

Alternet - Sen. Ted Cruz catches a lot flak for his face, which has been variously described as disagreeable, creepy or disturbing — but his wife says the Texas Republican is running for president to show Americans the “face of God.”

Heidi Cruz ... said the senator had an explicitly religious motivation for his White House bid, reported Right Wing Watch. Cruz’s father said the Holy Ghost had authorized the senator’s presidential campaign, and his wife said she and her husband were “doing it for our country.”

“We are at a cultural crossroads in our country, and if we can be in this race to show this country the face of the God that we serve — this Christian God that we serve is the foundation of our country, our country was built on Judeo-Christian values, we are a nation of freedom of religion, but the God of Christianity is the God of freedom, of individual liberty, of choice and of consequence,” Heidi Cruz said.

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