February 16, 2016

Huge US military support going to apartheid Israel

Electronic Intifada -The Obama administration is offering Israel “the largest single pledge of military assistance to any country in US history,” an American official has confirmed.

The assurance was given to Defense News, in a report outlining details of the package.

While the US hasn’t publicly confirmed specifics – which are still being negotiated – an Israeli cabinet minister told Defense News that the Obama package would see US military aid jump to more than $40 billion over the 10-year period beginning in 2018, from the $30 billion in the program that began in 2008.

Israel is the largest recipient of US military aid, according to Defense News, taking about 55 percent of the total. Aid from the US accounts for a quarter of Israel’s military budget.


Capt. America said...

It is money well spent for the defence of this country,
the USA. Israel takes a lot of the damage from
an implacable murderous enemy that otherwise would
come to us.
Have you read "The Looming Tower"? It won a Pulitzer.


Just who is this "implacable murderous enemy that otherwise would come to us"?

Meanwhile, Israel murders Palestinian civilians in Gaza using U.S.-supplied weapons and continues its illegal settlements in the West Bank and its deadly blaockade of Gaza.

Read The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Israeli historian Ilan Pape.

Leslie Armstrong said...

Israel already has a very viable, well equipped, military.
I see no justification in sending them any more 'aid'.