February 12, 2016

How teens have improved over time

Vox - You were 15 years old in 1991 and we’re sorry to say, chances are relatively high that you and your friends were up to no good.

In 1991, 27.5 percent of teenagers smoked. Now, 15.7 percent do. That’s a 43 percent decline. Teenagers today are 34 percent less likely to binge drink than you and your classmates were. In fact, they’re 19 percent less likely to have ever tried alcohol at all. 56 percent fewer teen girls have babies now compared to you and your high school classmates. Teens today are also 45 percent less likely to have had sex before they turned 13.

Today’s teenagers are not perfect, and there are some ways teen behavior has gotten worse. Obesity is higher now than it ever was, and high school students do eat fewer vegetables.

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