January 7, 2016

Even the insured can face serious medical debt

NY Times - The number of uninsured Americans has fallen by an estimated 15 million since 2013, thanks largely to the Affordable Care Act. But a new survey, the first detailed study of Americans struggling with medical bills, shows that insurance often fails as a safety net. Health plans often require hundreds or thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket payments — sums that can create a cascade of financial troubles for the many households living paycheck to paycheck.

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Albert Krauss said...

Americans will continue to pay these "penalties" until they learn to collaborate, not only politically, but as vast "swarms", thus effectively achieving simultaneous "confiscation" of medical services. If no-one pays, and everyone supports the "conspiracy", they will wipe out corporate medicine.

The medical profession itself needs to focus on the Hippocratic oath they've purportedly taken, not the hypocritical consumer oriented medical catering services they've developed.