December 11, 2015

What the mainstream is ignoring about the Mid East

Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss - It’s not quite the mainstream, but several realist and leftwing voices have been making the case in recent days that terrorist violence in Europe and the United States is an understandable and predictable response to all the western violence delivered to the Middle East. These writers tell us that bombing Syria will not achieve what we want it to, and even if we eliminate ISIS, some other force of violent resistance to the west will rise in its place. Just as ISIS replaced Al Qaeda. Sadly, it is a reflection of the enduring power of neoconservatives and liberal interventionists that these arguments are not being reflected in the mainstream, let alone by our politicians. All these writers remind us that the United States unleashed this violence when it wantonly broke Iraq apart. Steve Walt points out that we cannot assume an air of innocence when we have killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims, and Adam Shatz makes the point that the idea of fighting them there so we don’t fight them here is an illusion in today’s connected world.


Anonymous said...

Activists have been making this point for 20 years. Good to see it getting a bit more mainstreamed. Time to shut down the empire and close all the bases.

Anonymous said...

The violence is still Arab on Arab as it has always been. The
Saudis use the U. S. forces as mercenaries just as the
Crusaders were hired by Muslims to kill Muslims. Saudi
backed terrorism has accomplished its aim of neutralizing
the Saudi Royal Family's most powerful neighbors, Syria
and Iraq.
Crusader boots on the ground are desired by the enemy. This country
should stop helping the enemy.