December 29, 2015

The end of Rush Limbaugh?



Anonymous said...

I tried to find this article at Media Matters but was unable. Anybody got any ideas?

Merle from Michigan said...

He has been on the decline for about 6 years now. The Moneyed Elite announced, 3 or so years ago, they were going to prop up Alex Jones. He was their plan for Limbaugh/s replacement. Conservatives try to plan things out 10-20 years in advance. Sam's article on DLC being propped up by Koch Industries goes back to 1988. By 2008, who was elected President? Took 20 years and by limited President Obama's accomplishments in 2009, they were able to get their people in the House and Senate 2 years later, that simply do/vote/support, what/whom they're told to do so. Patience and planning does well when you're properly funded. Most Americans don't follow politics until the last 3 weeks of the election.