December 16, 2015

Race to the bottom: Lexmark

News Forage - Hundreds of workers at the Lexmark plant in Juarez have been fired after they walked off the job last week, asking for raises, the right to unionize as well as other demands. According to the Spanish-language website sinembargo,  the labor dispute started back in early November, after workers asked for a raise of six pesos, or roughly .34 cents a day.

Lexmark, an international company producing printer cartridges, now pays workers a maximum of 70.10 pesos per day, or $4.03 daily. Workers were looking for an increase of between 114 to 120 pesos (almost $7 dollars a day) as is the norm for employees with five or more years with the company.

When the increase was denied, workers decided to file for formation of a union; a move employees say triggered the firings. In response, some 700 workers held a work stoppage on December 8th, prompting the wave of firings. Now those fired workers have camped out in front of the plant until their demands are met. In addition to the firings, the workers say their annual bonus – one mandated by the Mexican Government – is also being withheld. Lexmark employee Miriam Delgado – who worked at the plant for 37 years – was let go, along with scores of her fellow employees.  “I was fired Wednesday….HR told me my contract was terminated because I violated the code of conduct of the maquila, and (to) please leave the plant…”


Anonymous said...

Look at the future for the western republics...

Anonymous said...

Of course the elites know what is coming since the terrorism screaming and huge efforts to disarm the population. Ignorance is most often a willful act, as ignoring history is a willful act by the lackeys of the elites, ie their lackey intellectuals.

The real danger for the western republics are not terrorism or even uprising by the starving population.

The real danger is two fold, failed despot republics having single political party ran republics come into power, due to instability. Then it is just a law of averages, get ten failed republics then bound to get a madman on two bent on war. Prime example of today is Russia and Turkey, this is just a warm up of the future.

The other real danger is districts, states, provinces etc Breaking away from the main government in a fever. Crimea is a prime example the real reason they broke away is the extortion demand for money by the bankers, debt for the people riches for the elites, as per the Greek example. This has disestablished all of the middle east and is working to destabilize all of Europe and eventually most of the world. Civil war is going to be the new norm of the despot republic along enough madmen in charge of failed republics to trigger a world war--- very likely.

Today's depots in charge of today's failed republics are just a warm up in the future.

So you see the real danger is not the "Terrorist" not by a long shot.

Simply, the the elites are Morons and so are their Lackeys.

Anonymous said...

So the question, is Mexico a failed republic? Is it going to be a failed republic? Will the USA have a huge Hispanic population demanding more rights? Along with a revolutionary Mexico in civil war? These threats are more real and larger than the Terrorist danger that the elites are
focusing on.... And so much more across the world....

Police states, are a third world type are are of a world condition, Can you imagine the European nations of the middle ages, their constant war? That is the sort of future that is very likely as the western republics fail to third world chaos.

Anonymous said...

Since I am thinking of this subject and in a writing mood.

The big danger points. A nuclear war is the biggest danger point for most people of the west. The second biggest or maybe the biggest is total economic failure, along with social political failure. Ending in a third world police state in chaos....

So is it a good idea to have a NATO group full of failing republics, and any of each can trigger a global nuclear war? The law of averages is not good for the world not having a nuclear war throwing the dice in that manner. Ten failed republics and you get a madman bent on war, is that the averages?. Turkey and Russia are in that situation today--more or less. Both have single political party ran republics of a kind today. I always thought of Putin as not that bad as least he is mostly sane, not near as bad as the next guy down the pike may.

The elites may want to rethink NATO..

The elites are bent on disarming the population in the USA, the real danger is social economic collapse in the USA and some states wanting to break free from the Union, anyone remember history?. A book predicting the next hundred years thinks the growing numbers of Hispanics will want more wealth and political power. This will be a break up force for the USA in the long term future as their numbers increase.

Other than the elites playing their games and trying to do what they think necessary, via war and propped up revolutions. The biggest source for wars are likely states, provenances, groups, ect wanting to break away from the whole. To join with new allegiances, to get away from the current oppression. New elites wanting power...

Crimea, supported by Russia, Kurd's, supported by Russia. I am sure many others, many others are possible to "magically" appear "with no warning" in the future decades of this century. Failed republics full of elites hiding stolen money and then the demand for the population to endless pay. As per the partial break up of Ukraine today, as per unstable Greece of today. In real history Ukraine broke up right after the demand by the bankers for the people to pay debt,,, via austerity..

What to do? Some thoughts on stable social economic systems may be in order? Because we may want to help ensure that republics don't fail and go despotic with mad man in charge.

May want to rethink NATO, if it is a fair certainty that a madman will eventually get in charge of a failed republic in NATO, why make it a further certainty that global nuke war must follow as well?

So keep a eye out for failed republics of today, it takes time but sooner or later succession events will happen and as well despots will gain power in failed republics that once were fairly modern, stable even first world in the past.. ie the western republics are likely to go this direction.

Why now> Simply the western republics will have a very hard time keeping semi stable first world with out social economic political force of the USSR in existence. So far cell phones and internet have been a partial replacement of that force but not enough to my mind. As things continue, the western republics will go bankrupt and go into third world chaos in the future. As this happens what I outlined above will be some of the most acute real dangers for most people.