December 2, 2015

Morning Line

Based on our moving average of polls, the Democrats remain in serious trouble. Clinton and Sanders are statistically tied with all major GOP candidates except for Trump whom Sanders leads by 6.

With 29 points, Trump is 12 points ahead of Carson. Rubio and Cruz havfe 13. All the other candidates are in single digits.

Our three poll moving average gives a more realistic view of what is happening compared with the media's tendency to exaggerate the importance of the latest survey. For example, Steve Kornacki made the grossly inaccurate claim that Trump was soaring - based entirely on comparing two Quinnipac surveys. In fact Trump is down six points from his recent moving average high.

Clinton has a 28 point lead over Sanders.

1 comment:

greg gerritt said...

Sometimes I think that anyone who wants the job should not be allowed to run,. other times I know this.

I also think maybe we shold have no one form president or a national lottery with every person over 35 in the pool for 1 4 year term. Congress could be chosen the same way. then the government would look like the commumnity.