December 19, 2015

Just in time for tonight's debate

The Democratic National Committee agreed Friday night to reinstate Sen. Bernie Sanders'  presidential campaign's access to its voter database, which had been suspended following a data breach.

Huffington Post - The DNC blocked Sanders' access to the data Friday morning, after Sanders campaign staffers wrongly accessed voter information from rival Hillary Clinton's campaign on Wednesday.

Sanders' campaign claimed that the DNC "capitulated" as a deadline neared for a court hearing on a request for an emergency injunction that the Sanders campaign sought after suing the DNC in federal court Friday afternoon.

Sanders' lawsuit sought the "immediate restoration" of the campaign's access to the database, arguing that the campaign would lose roughly $600,000 a day in donations without it.

As for tonight's Saturday debate, from The Hill

"We're playing the hand we were dealt," Sanders campaign spokesman Michael Briggs said, according to The Week Magazine. "I guess Christmas Eve was booked." 

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