December 23, 2015

Drug overdose deaths up 7%

Heroin and narcotic painkillers were major factors in the seven percent rise in drug overdose deaths in the United States between 2013 and 2014, federal government data shows. There were more than 47,000 overdose deaths last year. That included nearly 19,000 deaths from powerful prescription painkillers -- 16 percent more than in 2013 -- and about 10,500 deaths from heroin, a 28 percent increase from 2013, the Associated Press reported.- Web MD

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Anonymous said...

I keep reading about how Doctors are overprescribing opiates, but over the past few years, whenever I or a family member has a legitimate need for opiates, like when my adult daughter sprained her ankle quite badly, the doctors tell us to use the useless, inadequate, pointless, and heavily bad side effect producing combo of Aleve and Advil, instead of prescribing a couple of days worth of low dose vicodin.

I keep wondering who these Dr. Feelgoods are, when an honest person who needs a couple of days of a real pain killers can't get any. This problem is so bad that we as a family are looking at buying a few vicodins or similar on the black market to keep around for those rare occasions when we really need something effective for severe pain. My few vicodins I saved from prescription after a large burn in 2003 still work, and over the past decade, we have only used them about 5 times, so I think we can be trusted not to go nuts with a couple of days worth of vicodin.

The only bright spot, is I live in a now legal Recreational cannabis state, and the high CBD strains really do help with pain, way better than those lame joke OTC drugs like tylenol, advil, and aleve.