November 23, 2015

Word: Let's pause in our mass hysteria

Gurjot Kaur - Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York, recently explained in a powerful interview with MSNBC that Muslims, and in particular Syrians, “left their country because of ISIS and because of the Assad regime.” She noted that “Muslims are the largest victims of ISIS” and that “ISIS wants to divide us, wants the world to hate Muslims and push Muslims away.”

... When we make choices out of fear, our actions have horrific consequences on entire communities. Now as we debate over the Syrian refugees and decide whether we abide by the laws and morality of a civilized society, let’s pause the mass hysteria for a moment and think about our choice. The wrong choice will set us on another endless course of violence, division, animosity, and hatred. Surely, none of us want that—again.

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Anonymous said...

They left Syria because of fear. I don't want them because of fear. Seems equitable to me.