November 19, 2015

Why Superman would vote Democratic this year



Anonymous said...

It should also be noted that Superman, alias fourth estate icon Clark Kent, alias Kal-El, is an undocumented immigrant orphan who has spent decades selflessly and tirelessly serving his adopted country -- and on occasion planet -- by protecting the lives and well-being of all persons, but especially those less privileged, without regard to any particular sociological or demographic classification; values instilled in him by his long-deceased progressive intelligentsia birth parents and reinforced by his blue-collar midwestern foster parents.

Anonymous said...

1950s indeed: only one non-White figure, and he's almost invisible at the back of the group.

Anonymous said...

Important to remember the US is British in history, law and language, essential to keep the faith with the hyperliterate democracy created by Adams, JQA, Lincoln. Clark of Kent.