November 8, 2015

Real economics

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Anonymous said...

Cooked and fake numbers promoting cooked and fate change.
Yet another validation of that old adage about lies, damned lies, and statistics.
Financial markets propped up with all sorts of dubious paper---or more correctly, dubious bits and bytes. Current notional value of credit swap derivatives is believed to be surpassing something like $600 trillion dollars. That's trillion spelled with a 't'. The current global GNP is lucky to push much past $75 to $80 trillion. These numbers bare a disturbing resemblance to those of 2007.
And what's up with the employment numbers? What percentage of those jobs actually pay anything like a living wage?
Consumer confidence? That much explain why so many noted retail chains are closing locations, trimming staff, or going out right belly up?
Our friends, the Democrats, are toast and should prepare for another serious ass kicking come 2016.
The republic is dead, long live the oligarchy.