November 8, 2015

Carson just surpassed Donald Trump in egomania

NY Post - Photos taken inside the pediatric surgeon’s residence in Upperco, Md., in November 2014 reveal he possessed a rendering of himself seated next to a smiling Jesus Christ.

Not much is known of the portrait, but it had resided in Carson’s home since at least 2009, when Baltimore Magazine profiled him.

“We are very spiritual people, so you will see a lot of Bibles around the house and things that are indicative of that,” Carson, who identifies himself as a Seventh Day Adventist, told the magazine while pointing at the portrait.

The portrait hung near a biblical quote inscribed into a wall.

“By Humility And The Fear Of The Lord Are Riches, Honor and Life,” it reads.


Sylvia Valls said...

Bad art, bad theology, bad goals... Perfect correlation!!

Laird Wilcox said...

I think all this implies is that Jesus is guiding, accompanying or in some other way in contact with him -- a common theme with evangelical Christians. I don't think it means that he's comparing himself to Jesus. You're just trying to put a spin on it.

By the way, I'm not religious nor do I support Carson. This is simply what I deduce from the picture and what I've studied about evangelicals.