November 23, 2015

71% of capital's voters support DC statehood

Washington Post - Roughly seven out of 10 residents say they want D.C. to become a state, according to a new Washington Post poll. While most residents have supported statehood since at least the 1990s, momentum appears to be building: Support for statehood has grown by 10 percentage points since 2010.

The Post poll finds that 67 percent of residents favor the District becoming a state, including 71 percent of registered voters, an increase of 10 percentage points from 2010. Majorities have supported statehood in surveys since the 1990s, but the latest poll finds support one point above the previous record in 2002, the year after the city government regained powers from a federal financial control board.

Undernews: The DC statehood movement was launched in 1970, about six months after an article by Sam Smith showed how the capital could become a state without a constitutional amendment (By redrawing the federal district called for in the Constitution). 

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