October 27, 2015

On the brighter side of things. . .

It is true that having Ben Carson or Donald Trump as president would likely be an unprecedented disaster - just think of Trump with his hand on the nuclear button - but if we avoid or survive such a catastrophe, the long range future is looking better. For example, a higher percentage of Democrats than in the past think well of socialism compared to capitalism and, even among Republicans, support for the Tea Party is waning.

As noted here before, what we are going through is the hysterical final battlle of a movement whose time in history is nearing an end. While this can be disastrous it at least is probably not permanent. One more example: according to Pew polling. 32% of those 65 and over identify themselves as conservative while only 18% of those 30 to 49 do. And among those 18-30 the number drops to 10.

Just a little brighter news to help you through the day.

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