October 21, 2015

Entropy update: Billionaire donor thinks politicians without backers like him are dictators

Many people find the idea of politicians' dependence on wealthy donors to be contrary to the egalitarian spirit of democracy. Stanley Hubbard, a Minnesota billionaire who made his fortune through inheriting a company his dad founded, sees it the other way around. Rich contributors pulling the strings is the essence of democracy, and politicians just doing what they want regardless of donor demands is like a dictatorship.

"This idea of 'I don't need to have any funding, I'll fund myself,' that scares the hell out of me," Hubbard told Jonathan Swan and Harper Neidig for an article on the Koch donor network's indecision about the 2016 GOP field. "That's like a dictator. I think that any politician should have to answer to their constituents. … I don't think it's healthy to have somebody who doesn't answer to anybody."

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