October 20, 2015

Canada's new prime minister

AFP -Justin Trudeau, a young and handsome outdoorsman and former bartender, among other roles far removed from politics, proved Monday he is not just another pretty face.

The son of the late and beloved premier Pierre Trudeau has led Canada's opposition Liberal party to a landslide in Canada's general election.

ith his mop of dark curly hair, a confident swagger and hints of his father's style of speaking, Trudeau looks years younger than he is.

Rivals cast this as a liability during the campaign as he tried to convince voters he was shrewd and experienced enough to be prime minister.

Trudeau is actually only three years younger than outgoing Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper was when he was first elected in 2006.

"He's not the smartest guy in the room," former senior Liberal MP Bob Rae told The Globe and Mail newspaper. "But he knows how to reach a room. He likes people, and people like him."

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