April 3, 2014

Word: John Oliver on Washington media

John Oliver - It’s not supposed to be an easy relationship. It’s a problem. I read that book,‘This Town’ [by New York Times reporter Mark Leibovich]. Yes, there’s a lot of gossipy trash in it, but it has a cancerous black heart at the center of it. And I do think that’s Exhibit A in the way journalists and politicians in D.C. relate to each other. . . . It’s like a bunch of nerdy teenagers saying, ‘I want to be in with the popular kids.’ And that’s terrible. [As a journalist], you shouldn’t be wanting to go to a party for any other reason than to basically ruin it. If there’s not visible distrust [among reporters and people in power] then there’s a massive problem at the heart of journalism.

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Anonymous said...

Prof. Bruce Ackerman interprets the constitution as including media handlers, the president's lawyers and retainers, the Republican military, CIA lawyers, the sunday talk shows. WHatever is that doesn't get objected to. This doesn't even include the secret government outside the fourth amendment, the best you can do is try to get a court to recognize constitutional values, if not the letter of the law, the republic as empire. The embedded press is adapting to its likely role in service of a militarized presidency. Not that a lot of generals didn't become president, but in the future they will stay in uniform. The loyal press will be inside a secure zone.