April 5, 2014

Wikileaks tells of US plans for war against Russia

World Socialist Web - US State Department cables released by WikiLeaks have unveiled secret NATO plans for a US-led war against Russia over the Baltic states.

The cables, first reported by the Guardian newspaper Tuesday and posted on the WikiLeaks site, underscore the growing geo-strategic tensions between the US and Russia even as the Obama administration has emphasized a “reset” in relations that was supposed to overcome the conflicts left over from the Bush administration.

The secret plans spell out preparations for a full-scale war with Russia that would see the immediate deployment of nine divisions of US, British, German and Polish troops in the event of any Russian incursion into the former Soviet Baltic republics.

The plans also specify German and Polish ports that would be used to receive naval assault units and US and British warships destined for battle with Russian forces.

Despite these details, there is no indication in the cables of the potentially catastrophic implications of such an armed clash between the world’s two largest nuclear powers.

While some analysts in Moscow insisted that Russian intelligence was well aware of the contingency plans, their public exposure by WikiLeaks prompted statements of protest by Russian officials and demands for an explanation from NATO.


Anonymous said...

Not really serious, of course.
I'm sure this cost a whole bunch of $$$ to "plan".
A load of armchair generals showed their "value" in "protecting our freedoms."
Mission (I mean the real mission) accomplished.

Anonymous said...

"Nine Nato divisions – US, British, German, and Polish – have been identified for combat operations in the event of armed aggression against Poland or the three Baltic states."

From the Guardian article ... note carefully that the word Ukraine isn't mentioned.

A little further down, it says SOS Hillary was involved in this, so its got to be over a year old.

And frankly, "9 NATO divisions" in the Ukraine would be a minor force. Could control a local area, say around Kiev. But not nearly enough to fight a war for the whole Ukraine. We're talking the wide open spaces of the Russian steppes, and the Germans found in this same area that 9 divisions isn't squat.

When the battle of Kursk was fought nearby in '43, by comparison there were 2 million men in the fighting.

Anonymous said...

Afghanistan down the same drain as the British, now it's time to follow Napoleon and Hitler. Hey NATO, if you attack don't do it in winter. But the only season available at that point would be winter.