April 6, 2014

Some ways Rand Paul wants to ruin America

 Nash 2.5, Trail Mix

(1) Reduced Taxes. If there is one thing you can say about Rand Paul, it is that he believes tax cuts are good, and the bigger the better. Expect huge tax cuts within the first 100 days. This will of course create a much bigger budget deficit so next we would see…

(2) Reduced Government Spending. Rand Paul and the GOP will try to “balance the budget,” which will probably be impossible, but they will try, by cutting every program they don’t like.

(3) Privatization of Medicare and elimination of Medicaid. The poor will be simply cut off: the GOP’s healthcare policy for them will be “get thee to an emergency room.” The elderly will be given “vouchers” that will cover only a part of the cost of their medical care. Over time, the percentage covered by the government will shrink.

(3) Privatization of Social Security. Young people will be encouraged (but not required to) set up Individual retirement accounts to which they, but not their employers, will contribute. For people over 50 and those already retired, the traditional Social Security System will continue to operate, but benefits will steadily be cut, over time, by removing the automatic annual cost of living increases.

(4) Repeal of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. There is no racism in society today (except liberal bias against whites) so this legislation is not needed.

(5) Repeal of the 1935 Labor Relations Act. While unions will still be (theoretically) legal, any actions that they take (strikes, picketing, organizing campaigns) will be illegal, as was the case before 1935.

(6) Repeal of the Environmental Protection Act. “Regulations,” President Paul will explain to us, don’t work and add just add cost to businesses which raises prices to the consumer. Also, global warming is a myth and the health hazards of air and water pollution are greatly exaggerated by “environmentalist nuts.”

(7) Repeal of the Federal Minimum Wage. According to President Paul’s economic advisors, getting rid of the minimum wage will create millions of new jobs. (And pigs will fly!)



If Rand Paul's depth of intellect were a water pond, a piss-ant could wade completely from one side to the other without getting its knees wet!

Anonymous said...

I guess we can't wait for his actual positions...we have to make them up ahead of time...talk about the Straw man cometh!

I think Paul will surprise this rather static train of thought...and will take some novel approaches, unlike this author's assumptions.

I think he will emphasize growth over cuts...based on how well austerity has worked in Europe. Smart cuts will have to be made no doubt (and the military is a prime candidate)...but infrastructure - both physical and digital - will need to be enhanced to promote such growth.

As for the digs about his disdain for the Civil Rights Act and unions - I highly doubt that will amount to much.

Jobs, growth, reduction of the empire abroad (cuts and withdrawal) and at home (real NSA/TSA/police state and drug war reforms) can be a real winner against a status quo Hillary. I have hope that Paul can be a modest reformer if he can survive the empire loving ilk of the Koch brothers and Adelson and become the nominee. I can't say the same about Hillary - at the end of the day she just wants it too much.