April 6, 2014

Big generational gap among conservatives

Elwood D. Watson, Huffington Post -  [The Pew Report] found that 61 percent of young Republicans under 30 approve of same-sex marriage as opposed to 35 percent who oppose it. In fact, the Pew Report found that 82 percent of these same conservative Republican millennials were in favor of gay parents raising children. This rate was almost identical to Democratic millennials at 84 percent. Viewpoints on interracial marriage and similar social issues were notable as well. While White millennials were not as liberal as non-White millennials, they were still far more liberal than Whites in older generations, including baby boomers.

Politically speaking, the report found that the majority of young Republicans were dissatisfied with the current state of their party's performance. In fact, only 28 percent of those interviewed expressed satisfaction with the current state of the GOP. While an overwhelming majority, 70 percent stated dissatisfaction with the Republican Party. On the contrary, 49 percent (almost half) of Generation Y Democrats believed that their party was on the right track. While the slight majority of young Democratic voters felt that their party was doing a less than adequate job, the operative word here is "slightly." It is much better for a political party to be at an almost 50-50 position as opposed to being 30 to 70 negative

Moreover, the number of young voters who identify themselves as Republicans has decreased from 27 percent a decade ago to 17 percent today in 2014. The number of millennials who identify as independents is at 50 percent. This is a 12 percent increase since 2004. ...

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Anonymous said...

These numbers suggest a different conclusion. Anyone who is still Republican is trained to be dissatisfied. Romney is dissatisfied, so young Romneys are too, it goes with being Conservative contrarian, oblivious to surroundings, Mr. Magoo solipsistic complaints, all part of learning survival skills for the alien 1% and wannabes. It takes practice to send the food back if overcooked. Dems are trained to be in a 50-50 situation, compromise, accommodate, bow and scrape. This guarantees that nothing will upset the apple cart in defense of the status quo. Both parties are perfectly correlated. The centrist Dems are stodgy, skeptical of the new, the right is activist, endlessly creative.