January 15, 2014

Great moments with Chris Christie

Politico - In 2011, Christie sailed down from the skies and onto a baseball field (where his son was about to play) in a State Police helicopter. The 55-foot chopper cost taxpayers $12.5 million. A spokesman for the Gov said it was to be used “occasionally … as the schedule demands.” What was on Christie’s schedule for that day? No public events. Just a private dinner with Iowa Republican donors.


Anonymous said...

As far as I can tell Chris Christie seems to be a paragon of virtue compared to that jerk Hillary Clinton. This Christie thing is probably all about Clinton's presidential run. I'm a conspiracy theorist, you say? Really? Well, anyone who doesn't realize that conspiracies have and are happening, is abysmally ignorant of history.

I'll say again, I'd vote for Genghis Khan rather than Hillary Clinton, but that's me. I do know, however, quite a few others, who while they might not vote for Genghis, would seriously consider voting for Christie in a race between Christie and Clinton. They are not Republicans. See a problem there? I do.

Anonymous said...

Clinton and Christie are both undiagnosed psychopaths.

Everything about Christie's behavior -his gradiosity, his rages, his bullying, his lying in spite of everyone knowing that he's lying- these are all behaviors male psychopaths display when in power.

Clinton displays the female form: a cold, uncaring personality with a thin veneer -"so thin you could read a magazine through it" to paraphrase Woody- of saccharine politeness.