December 6, 2013

Uruguay to legalize marijuana

Progressive - The world will get a glimpse of what it means when a whole country fully legalizes the consumption of marijuana by consenting adults.

The nation of Uruguay will take a step that no other nation has yet dared thanks to the global hegemony of the drug war, upheld and enforced by the United States and its most powerful allies.

Uruguay’s legalization bill will establish the government as the monopoly seller of marijuana, and undercut the black market by offering state-grown weed for just $1 a gram. Registered users will also be allowed to grow up to six plants of their own, or join clubs of up to 45 members who can produce 99 plants at once.

Children under age 18 may not buy the drug under Uruguay's proposed law. Similarly, driving under the influence is strictly forbidden, and so is advertising marijuana. Most importantly, only citizens of Uruguay may purchase legalized weed, which officials hope will tamp down on the kind of drug tourism that Colorado and Washington are becoming known for. In an effort to aid international drug control officials, the country also plans to produce a very specific genetic strain of marijuana that scientists can easily identify.

Speaking to a Brazilian newspaper over the weekend, President José Mujica called upon fellow world leaders to help Uruguay break the grip of global prohibition and finally show that the drug war is much more harmful than the drugs themselves.

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Anonymous said...

it is about time. Thank you Uruguay