December 9, 2013

Tom Cruise targeted in Scientology affidavits

Radar Online - According to affidavits recently filed by fifteen ex-Scientologists, church members allege that [Tom] Cruise has profited for years from a system under which parishioners have been ordered to complete projects for the superstar. From home renovations to auto repair and personal assistant tasks, these Scientologists claim in court papers that they were told to do any number of things to keep the Church’s most prominent member happy.


Anonymous said...

And the basis of the court case is...?

Anonymous said...

What basis?

For starters there are minimum wage violations and related tax reporting. Perhaps unlicensed production/alteration of a motor vehicle. Throw in operating a church (sic) as a profit-making entity and there's enough that even wide-eyed Vacantologists will have to encounter reality.

Anonymous said...

It sounds as though the suit is against Cruise. But presumably the "communicants" could have refused to donate their work, and if they couldn't then they should properly be suing the "Church" since it was the institution that held them in thrall.

Whence my question.