December 6, 2013

Race to the bottom update

National Enquirer - Keeping Up With The Kardashians ratings nose-dive as popularity plummets.

The once uber-popular reality show has been on a steady decline over the last four seasons, Radar Online reported

.In fact, the show has lost nearly 1 million viewers per episode since Season 5.

In 2010 Season 5 premiered with a whopping 4.67 million viewers and held steady with an overall season average of 3.39 million.

Throughout the next three seasons the show entered into a downward spiral and Season 8 finale that aired Dec. 1, 2013 raked in a disappointing 1.96 million viewers.
As previously reported with all their scandals and shenanigans, the Kardashians are now bad for business.

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope the Kartrashians all end up having to get waitressing jobs--just like Mommy used to do.