December 6, 2013

Common Core explained

Susan Ohanian - Lior Klirs, Coordinator of English Language Arts Content and Resources in the Division of Curriculum and Instruction at the Tennessee Department of Education, offers an explanation of how the Common Core-aligned tests will be technology-enhanced.
The item is engaging, rigorous, and authentic. It is technology-enhanced, taking advantage of PARCC's online testing platform to engage students with real-world skills like highlighting text on screen.
... Now we know why school districts are spending millions for computers and the required broadband wiring.

Advice: I just checked Staples. Highlighters are $6.49 per dozen.


Anthony Cody said...

Are you kidding? I am looking forward to a job as a text highlighter some day.

Anthony Cody said...

I am looking forward to a job as a highly skilled text highlighter some day. That is if those poindexters from Shanghai don't get all the text highlighting jobs first! Thank you, Common Core!