November 2, 2013

Newark students plan school boycott


The Newark Students Union, who organized a 1,000 student walkout in April, is planning a mass boycott of schools on November 4 to demand local control over Newark Public Schools, safer conditions in schools, greater funding, the power to enact local education policies and other issues public school students believe Gov. Chris Christie has failed to address.

"Superintendent Cami Anderson, Governor Christie's state appointed superintendent, is purposely ignoring the cries echoing across the city, thus condemning Newark into a cycle of ignorance and poverty. If the government won't support its own students, then together we'll take the fate of NPS into our own hands," says Davian Rodriguez, a senior at Science Park High School.

"Students of the Newark Public Schools stand together and speak in a clear voice. These students deserve a seat at the table in the decisions that shape our future", says Josephine Stewart, a grandparent of an NPS student. "This should not be condemned in Trenton, boardrooms, corporate headquarters, or by so called reformers. It should be determined in the kitchens, living rooms, and communities in which we live. Nineteen years of Democratic and Republican meddling from Trenton is far too much. Students are not corporate playthings and they deserve the respect afforded to the rest of the citizens in our state."

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