June 13, 2013

Bill Clinton wants war with Syria

Huffington Post - Former President Bill Clinton offered a stinging critique of President Barack Obama's inaction in Syria during a closed-press event this week, Politico reported, arguing that Obama's hesitance to get involved in the lengthy conflict could end up making him look like a "total fool" and a "wuss."

While only 15 percent of Americans said they'd back military action in Syria, according to a recent poll, Clinton spoke  during a question-and-answer session alongside Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and suggested that such support among the American public or Congress shouldn't have any bearing on Obama's decision.

Clinton warned that it would be unwise to opt against action because “there was a poll in the morning paper that said 80 percent of you were against it."

"You’d look like a total wuss,” he continued. “And you would be. I don’t mean that a leader should go out of his way or her way to do the unpopular thing, I simply mean when people are telling you ‘no’ in these situations, very often what they’re doing is flashing a giant yellow light and saying, ‘For God’s sakes, be careful, tell us what you’re doing, think this through, be careful.”


Anonymous said...

To Bill Clinton,
When I say, no I don't want war. I mean, NO! I DON'T WANT WAR!

Obama will look like less of a wuss to me if he stands with the populace and avoids another foreign military adventure. If he bends over to the chicken hawks like Clinton, he will be a double super wuss.

Anonymous said...

Once the ground war starts in Syria, how long until Israel's military occupies at least half of that country? And they won't be leaving.

Ethnic cleansing, then "Settlements, settlements, settlements..."

Eurotrash said...

Does that apply to rape as well?