February 28, 2013

Why have gays been so quiet about Manning?

Truth Dig - “Why is it that all of the big gay non-profits, from the National Gay & Lesbian Task Forceto the Human Rights Campaign  - ‘Gay Inc.’ - have failed to utter a word of support for Private Bradley Manning, let alone really campaign for him?” asks Andy Thayer at CounterPunch.

Instead of mining the LGBT community for personal fame and fortune, as a number of “air-head celebrities” do when they express their support for gay rights, Manning, who became one of the nation’s most prominent homosexuals after he was apprehended and jailed for allegedly passing confidential documents to WikiLeaks more than three years ago, has “actually done something to support social justice.”

Among those actions are the following: He exposed U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, leaked documents that helped kick off the Arab Spring and exposed the Obama administration’s support for the 2009 military coup in Honduras (an event that made it the murder capital of the world).

But when Manning was stripped naked in a cell for “days on end … where were the protests from the gay human rights groups?” Thayer asks.

“If a homophobe had so much as broken Chaz Bono’s finger nail,” he says, “rest assured that GLAAD, NGLTF and HRC would have been on the case. But why the silence about Manning?”


Anonymous said...

Is this a 'gay' issue? No. It's an issue of human rights, and that is how it should be addressed. I would certainly hope (but knowing how stupidly tribal our species is, I doubt) that 'gays' would not oppose Manning's treatment simply because he is himself homosexual.

I sincerely tired of identity politics. One doesn't have 'rights' because of one's gender, racial, political, religious, how many more can I add, identity. One has rights DESPITE any of the aforementioned.

Strelnikov said...

I think the gay groups don't want to be tarred as "unpatriotic." That's it. As for Manning, I keep forgetting he is gay; I think of him more like a scared abused kid in WAY over his head.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Anonymous' post with the exception of his/her use of the word DESPITE - capitalised to boot..I would substitute the word REGARDLESS OF..

arraign said...

isn't he trans* and being denied his identity? YES THIS SHOULD BE ADDRESSED AS A HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE

Anonymous said...

Because they were bought out by the Democratic Party and don't dare stand up to Obama.

They are for homosexual rights but do not oppose homocidal policies.

Bill Tirrill said...

I know about the Manning case but I didn't even know he was gay.

--And isn't that the way it should be?