February 22, 2013

Meanwhile, furthermore & on the other hand

What Americans
outside of Washington want 


There, I fixed it


Budget cuts could result in up to 20 percent pay cut for federal workers

Sequestration: longer waits at airports

60% of drug overdose deaths due to legal painkillers

How the government is violating almost every item in the Bill of Rights

Big banks profits would diasppear without taxpayer bailouts and subsidies

What happens if you are a 29 year New York state employee and you piss off Andrew Cuomo

Judge Rules You Can Randomly Test New Employees For Alcohol


In 2010, the top hedge fund manager earned as much in one hour as the average (median) family earned in 47 years.


Documentary on how the right is dumbing down textbooks


It continually amazes the way all of these law-and-order types are so willing to pontificate about the importance of taking individual responsibility for one's actions, until the guy in their crosshairs is someone he/she went to college with, or a former client of his or her law firm. Then, suddenly, their idea of drastic justice becomes maybe yanking the license of a foreign subsidiary. - Matt Taibbi


-11.3% of wage and salary workers in unions. $201 is the average amount made per week by union over non-union

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