February 8, 2013

Tip to journalists: All Lutherans are not the same

It took the NY Times five paragraphs into its story about a "Lutheran" minister apologizing for having prayed with other preachers at the Newtown service to even mention this but the Missouri Synod Lutherans are much, much more conservative than the larger Evangelical Lutherans who are sometimes hard to tell from Episcopalians. For the media not to make this distinction is a little like it letting Pat Robertson define Christianity which,  come to think of it, it often has.

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Per said...

The Missouri Synod (also known as the Misery Synod) was very conservative when I was a boy. Then it got taken over by a much more conservative bunch and they even had heresy trials of professors at Concordia seminary.

These men thought they were right with God and then a fanatic named Preuss tells them they are heretics. Pretty funny.