February 11, 2013

Some things that probably won't be in the State of the Union Address

A major public works program, funded by ending the Afghanistan and other pointless battles, in which veterans are giving first priority for jobs.

A major ecological refitting program modeled on the WPA in which the unemployed are put to work making America more ecologically sensible.

Restore train service to the level
it was in the 1880s with the emphasis on normal passenger and freight rail rather than business class high speed service.

End credit card usury by putting a cap on their interest rates at about the level they were in the 1980s, i.e. single digit.

End corporate personhood 

Elect the Attorney General

Institute instant runoff voting

Have campaigns publicly financed  

Increase the number of states so that, as at present, 22 states with a combined population less than California don't have 22 times as many votes as California. This would also give blacks and latinos a chance of being better represented.

End the war on drugs 

Start a single payer health plan perhaps initially be lowering the age of Medicare.

Use the Dean Baker approach to dealing with foreclosures

Institute a shared equity program  in which the government becomes a co-owner of troubled homes

Improve jury rights

Expand restorative justice

Expand community courts

Fund the teaching
of mediation and dispute resolution in schools

Encourage cooperatives and credit unions

Break up big banks

Restore Glass-Steigall

Abolish war just as we did slavery

Lower the drinking age

Raise the minimum wage

Shorten the work week

Increase funding for alternative energy

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