February 1, 2013

Publicizing nonsense

Sam Smith - While there is no doubt that there are a lot of stupid GOP state legislators, promoting their nonsensical proposed bills doesn't help matters much. It gives them publicity they don't deserve and encourages others.

It's easy and fun to do. Hell, I've done it. But lately I've tried to avoid it. Here are a few reasons why:
  • There are 7,382 state legislators. Only a few are the fools that get so much publicity.
  • In one state this year, Maine, over 1,700 bills were introduced in the state legislature.
  • In mostly sane Minnesota there have been 267,397 bills introduced in the state legislature since 1849. Of these, about 17% have been passed. 
My new rule of thumb is to avoid covering these bills until they have passed a committee.This, incidentally, is different from reporting examples of violations of the Constitution even if only one cop is involved, since - absence corrective action - it is fair to assume the action is acceptable to that officer's superiors.

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Anonymous said...

Mondale in his memoir describes Minnesota before Humphrey as provincial and bigoted. One person can transform a culture. The focus on stupid GOP tricks may be counterproductive. But Sumner called the civil war, the War for Civilization. The targeting of Bachmann's district indicates encroaching civilization against the GOP's cult of fraudulent personalities.