February 26, 2013

Pocket paradigms

If you're going to debunk conspiracy theories about 9/11 you'd think you'd start with the biggest one. That created by the Bush administration to justify the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Somehow that never made the debunkers' list.

Why are we allowed to have theories on every topic from the creation of the universe to who is going to win the World Series with the sole exception of wondering who in power is screwing us and how?

The very use of the term 'conspiracy theorist' is an anti-intellectual attempt to silence argument for which the labeler has no factual answer. Ironically, it is often the very accuser who is more inclined to believe in conspiracies, albeit benign ones, because conspiracies involve a small number of people deciding the course of history, which is exactly how these critics were taught in college that society properly functions.

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