February 6, 2013

Obama at large

Some of the times that Barack Obama has either violated the Constitution and US law or has sought to do so

Gives permission for CIA drones to kill innocent civilians

Obama orders more drone attacks in first year than Bush did during his entire presidency

Obamadmin negotiating trade agreement that would gut internet privacy, free speech and due process

Obama plans to prosecute medical marijuana growers & sellers...

Pushes test obsessed education program Policies repeastedly interfere with powers of local schools

 Secretary Duncan threatens to withhold funds to states that refuse to privatize public schools

Education secretary Duncan wants national education standards, for which there is no constitutional basis for federal government intrusion

Obama wants to control colleges through greenmail

Obama's war on truth tellers
Obama's CIA nominee knew torture was going on

Obama claims illegal secret powers over cyberspace

Another false Obama legal ruling: It's okay to kill Americans if we think they are involved with Al Qaida

Obamadmin banning citizens & legal residents from returning to America

Obama continues illegal detentions

Obama signs illegal spy bill

Obama clears banks to commit crimes at will

Obama approves massive spying on American citizens

Obama criminalizing free speech

Obama pushing secret copyright treaty that would do the work of SOPA

Obama signs unconstitutional arrest law

Obama administration declares talking about jury nullification to be a crime

Obama claims right to censor unclassified material

Obama wants access to private mobile phone data

Obama supports more warrantless searches
According to George Bush and Barack Obama, you or any American citizen can, without criminal charges, be placed in an isolation cell, denied sleep (with no mattress, blanket, sheet, or pillow) and painfully shackled. It's already happened.

Obama's plan to turn Internet into giant spy machine


Signed an extention of the Patriot Act

Supports warrentless tracking of US citizens via cellphone location

Claims prisoners have no right to DNA evidence that might prove their innocence.

Obamadmin lets Abu Ghraib torture contractor off the hook

Obamadmin torturing Manning

Obamites worked to hide Bush torture evidence
Obama admits to illegal war on Pakistan


Mark Robinowitz said...

A few of the reasons I didn't "vote" for him in 2008 or 2012. Can we impeach him now?

Strelnikov said...

....And thus Barack H. Obama joins all the other presidents since Kennedy or Eisenhower who would be defendants in a Nuremberg-style trial if the world ever ganged up on America to end the nonsense.

I say: let `em.

Mark Robinowitz said...

Eisenhower had regret for what he had done, that was part of the motive for his "farewell speech" to the nation warning of the military industrial complex. The wikipedia entry for George Kistiakowsky (his science advisor) has part of the motive for that speech, too (Ike realized he did not have power over the nukes). His "Crusade for Peace" was also thwarted by the See Eye Aye disobeying his orders and sending up the U-2 on May Day, 1960, thus scuttling the planned Moscow summit between Ike and Krushchev.

I think Kennedy was the only President in recent times who didn't drop bombs on other countries. He made mistakes but also learned from them and refused to launch nuclear war in October 1962, shut down the covert war on Cuba afterwards and paid for that courage with his life. No President since has dared cut back on the military industrial complex's power.