February 5, 2013

Just the facts: Immigration

 From ACLU:

With net migration from Mexico at zero, the country doesn’t need and can no longer afford unfettered immigration and border enforcement, which has come at enormous and unnecessary cost to American taxpayers: $219 billion since 1986.

Deportations and detentions are at historic levels

Approximately 1.5 million people were deported under President Obama's 1st term, the highest number in any single presidential term

Between 2010-2012, 23 percent of people deported were parents of U.S. citizen children, with many of these children subsequently placed in foster care

Southwest border apprehensions are at their lowest level in 40 years

$18 billion spent on immigration and border enforcement annually greatly exceeds federal spending on all other federal criminal law enforcement agencies combined

Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection refer more cases for federal criminal prosecution than all the Department of Justice criminal law enforcement agencies combined


Capt. America said...

Be assured that with the end of NAFTA there will be very large numbers of Mexicans swarming across the border. It's best to do everything to shut down immigration now, when it is easier than it will ever be again.

Anonymous said...

This article is founded on a deception. That being ".. net migration from Mexico at zero.. "

It's unclear exactly how that is calculated, I'm certain from evidence on the ground it doesn't include vast numbers of illegal crossers and crossings that are not for the purposes of 'migration'. So then mules with packs of marijuana, burglars, thieves, armed robbers, home invaders, or just temporary beggars and rummagers with no intention of staying are not counted.

The Southwest border is, in many places an ecological wasteland, goat-pen, junk yard shanty-town.. rife with gunfire and high-speed chases on unimproved roads and city streets.

I know Immigration 'Reform' is a hip idea.. do that! (NO AMNESTY)..

But to say that our borders are calm and safe and the authorities can now go home is Bunk!