February 20, 2013

Al Jazeera gets 12,000 job applications

Chicago Reader - When Al Jazeera bought Current in January for $500 million, the Qatar-based news network announced that Al Gore's little-watched cable operation would be turned into Al Jazeera America, which would compete with CNN and Fox. Al Jazeera America is now dealing with a stack of 12,000 resumes.

"We may be the only people hiring," says Stan Collender, an Al Jazeera spokesman in Washington, D.C. This is only slight hyperbole. Collender says the network is hiring "experienced—and in many cases very senior—journalists and production staff." Al Jazeera America has posted 104 job openings, he says, and the eventual number of new hires will be even higher. The new network is expected to launch in July.

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