January 26, 2013

Spooks and military take over Hollywood

Washington's Blog - Rob Kall points out that the military-industrial complex is the winner of the Golden Globe award:
Homeland won best TV series, best TV actor and actress. It IS a highly entertaining show which actually portrays some of the flaws of the MIIC system

Argo won best movie and best director. It glorifies the CIA and Ben Affleck spoke with the highest praise for the CIA.
And best actress went to Jessica Chastain of Zero Dark Thirty, a movie that has been vilified for propagandizing the use of torture.


In the next few years we’ll be seeing movies that focus on the use of drone technology in police and spy work in the USA. We’ve already been seeing movies that show how spies can violate every aspect of our privacy– of the most intimate parts of our lives. By making movies and TV series that celebrate these cancerous extensions of the police state Hollywood and the big studios are normalizing the ideas they present us with– lying to the public, routinely creating fraudulent stories as covers for what’s really going on.


I was hoping that Zero Dark Thirty would come up without any awards. I was hoping that at least such blatant propaganda promoting  the lie that torture works would be repudiated by the Golden Globes. That didn’t happen.


The truth is we do live in a time when the police have been massively militarized. We don’t need movies or TV shows that celebrate that militarization. We don’t need entertainment that normalizes the obscene violations of our privacy that the intelligence state is inflicting upon us. We need stories that celebrate people who stand up to this seemingly irrepressible tide that is washing away our freedoms, sucking up all our resources and erasing the last bastions of privacy.
David Walsh notes that the real winner of the 2013 Academy Awards is the CIA:
Zero Dark Thirty, Kathryn Bigelow’s quasi-fascistic glorification of the role played by the CIA in the so-called “war on terror” … was tapped for five awards.


Anonymous said...

Are they still making TV shows? I'd have thought that TV by now would be as antiquated as vaudeville.

Anonymous said...

it's all SO much more insidious than people suspect: game shows are on teevee to promote and reinforce and cloak in innocence the very idea that is killing us all and this planet: the idea that winning/getting money for no work done is harmless and a goodfun thing. game shows have scrubbed minds clean - now nobody is even capable to realize that when somebody gets money for no work done, somebody else is forced to get no money for their work. game shows are on teevee to cause people to keep on keeping on handing all the world's wealth to wealthpower giants for no work done. game shows have helped divorce people from the reality that the pool of wealth is FINITE. people can no longer see that overpay has nowhere to come from but from underpay.

everybody is now convinced that getting money for no work done is to be celebrated.

getting money for no work done is a coiled rattlesnake about to bite the entire human species.

i'll take human extinction for a thousand, alex!

Anonymous said...

you want proof that what i said above is true?

not a single person who reads this believes in organizing ourselves according to justice - not one person who reads this believes in having everyone going for getting out of the pool of wealth the amount they contributed by their own work, no more and no less - every last person who reads this believes in having everyone go for getting out of the pool of wealth whatever amount they can legally get - to hell with doing the simple math that answers the question "how much is justly mine?"

you could go read The Plan and reverse the colossal destruction of everyone's everything:


but you won't.

and so we continue our march to extinction. it'll all be over soon, so hey just tune in a gameshow and cheer cheer cheer that innocent idea to get you some freebies say wot?!

bemeup Scotty: there is no intelligent life on this planet